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NTB Tires - One Stop Shop

If you are interested in find information about NTB Tires, before is very important to know that National Tire and Battery (NTB) is a very popular chain of service centers for automobiles that is scattered in many different locations on several states. NTB was created in the year 1997, this is when Sears, a big player in national retailing, purchased and later merged Tire America and National Tire Warehouse. The B was later added to represent their Diehard line of popular batteries. But aside from selling batteries, tires, and wheels National Tire and Battery (NTB) also offers other services. Services like wheel alignment, brake service, lube jobs, oil change, and much more made the said business an all in one shop for the driving public. TBC Corporation was able to buy out the said company from Sears on the later part of the year 2003 for $260 million. Finally, in the year 2005 TBC was acquired and still is owned and operated till today by Sumitomo Corporation.

National Tire and Battery’s popularity is due to their many branches that reaches a wide span all over several states. And with much and effective advertisements, The NTB Tire Center becames a much known name when quality automotive service comes to mind. And because of the many services they offer aside from selling wheels, tires and batteries added by special promos and freebies, National Tire and Battery is a must choice for any customer looking for the best quality service for their automotive needs. 

Adding to this, NTB Tires gives a 30 day guarantee with every purchase of their tires. Plus, free alignment check and a 22 point inspection of the customer’s vehicle. National Tire and Battery offer the best deals when purchasing tires is needed, assuring every visit and purchase a positive experience every time. Having a wide array of kinds and types of tires, any customer with specific needs would surely find what they are searching for. A vast inventory of tires are readily available like regular car tires, SUV tires, light and heavy truck tires and more. National Tire and Battery can cover tire needs for economy everyday driving to extreme needs like performance and racing.

With customer freedom of choice in mind, NTB offers all the best makes and brands of tires available in one roof. Amazingly almost all kinds and brands are available, and surprisingly even those hard to find vintage ones may also be provided by National Tire and Battery. Amateur and professional racers alike, finds the wide array of specialized wheels in NTB Tires a very convenient way to purchase needed tires. From high performance, off road and racing tires NTB offers the best and most competitive line up of tires for road or track use today. And with whole confidence on products they sell NTB Tires even gives very affordable and comprehensive warranty protection plans to cover every purchase from them. Every time a new tire is purchased, depending on warranty details that tire companies offers, customers will even get free rotation service for each 5,000 miles traveled for the whole duration of the tires life.


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